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Double Dipper Pension Raiders Jumping Through KET Loopholes.

Kentucky Educational Television lately seems to be the land of hot messes.

The hot mess on the table today? Double dippers. The people who draw pensions from Kentucky Retirement Systems and get re-hired by their KET honcho friends to earn a salary on top of their retirement benefits. The folks who set themselves up to earn a second pension from taxpayers.

Folks like Linda Hume, the woman we’ve written about who recently replaced Donna Verhoeven. And Nancy Carpenter, KET Division Manager.
We told you last week about Julie Schmidt, a former KET Foundation employee who was conveniently “transitioned” to do her same job but on state government payroll complete with a raise.

There seems to be another employee who was moved from the foundation’s payroll to that of the taxpayer. Jayne McClew was recently given the title of KET Producer/Director. Those around her are super-unhappy about the transition, as they haven’t had a raise in more than six years.

As the state budget crumbles, we’ve got KET bleeding unnecessary dollars off the top. And not just payroll dollars from state government but pension dollars from the disastrous KRS.

Monday, June 11, 2012

LongShanks McConnell Occupies Kentucky Tea Party Co-Opts Ron Paul Campaign From Within

Mitch McConnell/RNC apparently sent an infiltrator into Rand's Campaign just after the Primary. A Neo-Con by the name of Trgve Olsen. Those who will have their wars. Ron Paul, after all, was the one outspoken candidate opposed to unconstitutional undeclared wars sold under suspicious and ambiguous reasons. Olsen is Chief Strategic Advisor on the Ron Paul Campaign.

Rand Paul voted for sanctions against Iran. True. He copped out to the party line of "preventing them from getting a nuke" as a middle ground. He does go on to explain in depth about sanctions/blockades provoking (starving out a people) people

Information has surfaced that Rand met with William Krystol after winning the primary, making a deal to not beat a different drum than the war drums on Iran.

Rumors have gone round that threats against life have been made. Those who will have their wars.

Kentuckians will be faced with this question. Will we be slaves to a mess in Frankfort, or do we clean it up and become defenders of our homes, principles and preserve our freedom.

Penny Freeman, a staffer of the Ron Paul campaign shares valuable information

She says, " if Rand is going to be Steward of this Movement, he's going to have to have the principles of his father."

When Rand endorsed Romney, he did insert that he talked to Romney about the proper checks and balances, and legislative role in declaring war. Credit due. But...

McConnell, Olsen, Benson.... played from the Jack Abramoff lobbyist playbook. Co-Opt the staffers. Expand their portfolios, etc...  35 min interview w/ Peggy Freeman.

Friday, June 10, 2011

David Williams To Get Pink Slip From Tea Party?

Kentucky Senate Adjorns Early: Restarts in a Special Session
There is a Mess in Frankfort. Now it gets even clearer for many Kentuckians. It appears Senate President David Williams has Proven himself unfit to be Governor of the people in Kentucky. A citizen of Kentucky filed a Petition to Remove a public Official (Family Judge) from Office. It was read into the record January 4th 2011 and assigned to committee. All requests for hearing were ignored, and the petitioner was given the run around. The session ended early and the petition denied any due process.

Questions to determine why the petitioner was being deprived of the right revealed answers from the Senate Judiciary Chairman just before the session was ended early; they had been given orders by "Senate Leadership." The Petition for Removal filed by a citizen of Kentucky would get "No Due Process.

Word from an inside source in Franfort close to Williams office said Williams dreamed up the call for the early end to the session as a way to get the media off his senate doorstep with questons on the petition, and why he had ordered it denied without process.

This wasn't a petition filed by some disgruntled individual for no reason. It was well supported by the evidence and had been reviewed by a petit group of credible individuals from the community. A law librarian, A Kentucky Colonel, A WW2 Veteran, a mother, and a businessman, who all signed affidavits finding resonable cause for removal of the family court judge from office, because the conduct commission had grossly neglected to act. In addition, 40 other petitions were filed by individual citizens from various parts of the state, in support of their right to the process, and for Senate President Williams to "give it due process." 

Word has gotten around now through Tea Party groups regarding Williams deed, and they are now saying it makes him unfit to be governor by demonstrating a flagrant disregard for the rights of all Kentuckians to the petitions and its processes. It's a duty of the body to provide and the subsequent cover up of public corruption lays squarely in David Williams lap. One Tea Partier, who ask to not be Identified, speculated where  Governor Bashear would stand on the issue. In a recent meeting of Tea Party types, talk was about giving Williams notice after the election by sending a box full of pink slips signed by people from his senate district, and backing a real Tea Party Conservative in his next senate district election.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Senate Judiciary Committee Continues to Stall on Petition for Removal by Address

Two requests have been made by motion, each filed with the Senate Clerk, to be heard by the Committee in a preliminary inquiry proceeding. Both requests to be heard have been arbitrarily denied by the Senate Judiciary Chairman who has failed to hold inquiry hearings upon the petition.
Chairman of the Judiciary Committee, Sen. Tom Jenson, met with the petitioner about 2 pm in the hall outside of Senate Chambers and said " I don't have any authority to give due process to the petition" and he defered to Senator David Williams as having said "their is no authority" for the Ky Senate to provide any process to the petitioner upon the petition filed for the propor purposes of removing the judge for acts of Official Misconduct. 
Is Senate President David Williams declaring that the Kentucky Bill of Rights are Dead?

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Senate Judiciary Committee Stalls on Petition for Removal by Address

With the petition having been read into the Ky Senate floor record on January 4th 2010, plenty of orientation time has elapsed for the SJC to get it's bearings on setting up a proper process and moving forward, but that is hardly the case. The Petitioner filed a motion with the Senate Clerk on February 2 to be heard on 2-3 before the SJC right after the legislative business. The motion sought the creation of the "Senate Removal Committee, call for a response from the respondent, and to number the Petition as SA1.
On Thursday February 3rd Chariman of the SJC Jenson, denied calling the motion to order for discussion and vote. The appearance of 1st amendment violations has happened.

Senate president David Williams was also given a copy of the motion, personally delivered, and still no word.

A re-notice of hearing for the next committee meeting Feb 10 will be filed.

Sunday, January 16, 2011


The Petition to Remove a Fayette Family Judge, that was filed with the Ky Senate on August 30 2010,  read into the Senate Record on January 4 2011, and assigned to the Senate Judiciary Committee, will begin preliminary stages of the proceedings on January 19 2011. The petition claims reasonable cause for removal based upon acts of fraud, gross negligence in duties, and 3 counts of official misconduct.

More on The Petition Here: Kentucky Family Law Blog

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Fayette Family Judge Charged with Fraud and Official Misconduct

CENTRAL KENTUCKY - Fayette Family Judge Jo Ann Wise has been charged with Fraud, Gross Negligence, and 3 counts of Official Misconduct upon a citizen complaint and Petition for Removal by Address filed on August 30th 2010 to the Ky Senate. This matter will be heard in the upcoming 2011 Ky Legislative Session. 

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